Kassab is the premier media services and solutions provider in the Middle East and North Africa region. As it has demonstrated through the years, Kassab is often the instigator of innovative media services, solutions and systems and owns and operates the most extensive network of outdoor sites in the Middle East and North Africa region, with over 25,000 advertising spaces in 40 cities.

Our Values
Kassab’s success stems from its comprehension of the dynamics of local markets and the application of international best practices and standards. Kassab has invested in a unique business model that has resulted in sustainable growth within the media industry. The group’s many achievements, particularly in OOH, have evidently been the result of recognising and identifying opportunities and pursuing them to the highest level.

Kassab has adopted an approach that ensures a highly skilled, youthful and energetic workforce. Moreover, employees receive constant guidance and assistance from senior management, resulting in the lowest turnover of personnel in the media industry.

As the group continues to embark on large-scale growth it remains committed to undertaking and meeting the exacting demands of mega media projects encompassing OOH, TV, digital, print and radio.

Our Vision
Kassab is committed to setting new standards of quality and innovation for the media industry in the Middle East and North Africa region through the following:

-Possessing in-depth knowledge of local cultures and business needs
-Applying international best practice principles and standards
-Partnering with world-leading consultants and retaining the most qualified media talent
-Sourcing, developing and executing innovative products and services

In addition, Kassab remains committed to driving regional market growth via new media opportunities, allowing clients and partners to enjoy revenue streams through the optimisation of dedicated media services and solutions programmes.

Why Kassab?
Kassab works with clients to conceive and execute their media campaigns – backed by Kassab’s reputation as the market leader in media services and solutions – that directly reach their target audiences. We are committed to delivering quality and price-conscious OOH, TV, digital, print and radio services.