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Sky News Arabia documentaries nominated for AIB Awards

05 Oct 2015

The London-based Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) has announced the nomination of two among four documentaries entered by Sky News Arabia for the 11th edition of its awards.

AIB’s panel of judges has nominated ‘Death Boats: The Migration Dream and the Smuggling Nightmare’ and ‘Religious Diversity in Iraq: The Yazidis’ under the ‘Domestic Current Affairs Documentary’ and the ‘International Investigative Documentary’ categories respectively. The awards will be announced in London on November 4, 2015, to an audience of Arab and international media representatives.

Sky News Arabia’s ‘Death Boats: The Migration Dream and the Smuggling Nightmare’ narrates the story of Lebanese migrants who set sail to Australia in September 2013 only to face a tragedy when 20 migrants of them drowned at sea. The documentary uses real-life event simulation techniques to showcase details of the tragic story. The film was broadcast on Sky News Arabia in May 2015 and was received with noticeable interaction from the audience, especially that it shed light on similar tragedies that are taking place to-date.

On its part, the channel’s documentary ‘Religious Diversity in Iraq: The Yazidis’ discusses the various religious, ethnic and cultural components of Arab societies with a special focus on Yazidis, their religious doctrine, how they suffered during the Baathist regime in Iraq, and the crimes they faced in the hands of ISIS. This film is part of a special documentary series called ‘Alwan Altaif’ (“Colours of the Rainbow”), which highlights the rich diversity in the Arab world and discuss issues of minority groups.

Both films are part of a series of documentaries produced by Sky News Arabia that delve into critical social, economic, political and humanitarian issues, such as human trafficking, illegal migration, terrorist organisations, and religious and ethnic minority groups in the Arab world. The channel’s journalists travelled into many countries to cover stories of interest professionally and objectively.

The AIB Awards recognise content that reflects current social issues and is presented on television, radio, and online platforms. This year’s version has attracted the participation of many global media outlets. The annual awards are organised by the AIB, which was established in 1993 and is today considered a reliable reference to all media outlets. The association has 49 Arab and international media organisations as members.

The jury panel features over 40 notable personalities in the media sector, including producers, editors, journalists, and critics from around the world. This is the first year in which Sky News Arabia competes and gets nominated for the AIB Awards.

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