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Dh600 fine for misuse of bus and taxi only lanes

29 Mar 2015

The Public Transport Agency of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has announced that as of April 1, 2015, it will enforce the rules against vehicles found misusing the dedicated bus and taxi lanes in Dubai and whereby violators will be fined Dh600.

Only Dubai’s public buses, taxis, police vehicles, civil defence vehicles and ambulances serving emergency cases are authorised to use the dedicated bus and taxi lanes in Dubai.

Dr Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of the Public Transport Agency, said: “The enforcement system will be implemented in the initial phase on the bus and taxi only lane extending one kilometre of Naif Road. The RTA has installed seven surveillance cameras along the lane to monitor violators and whereby violations will be reported through surveillance cameras to Dubai Police patrols.

“There was a drop in the number of vehicles using the bus and taxi only lanes by as much as 63 per cent during the experimental phase of the system, which is indicative of growing awareness about the dedicated lanes amongst motorists. It also reflects that road users are responding to the RTA’s efforts aimed at providing express, effective and safe mass transit services,” added Al Ali.

“To ensure a smooth flow of other vehicles on the streets, the RTA has designated a part of about 20 metres of each street as a grace distance near exit points, turns and drop-off areas to enable motorists to get out of the lane.

“The enforcement of the bus and taxi only lane system aims to increase the share of public transit means in the movement of people in Dubai. It also targets to ease traffic congestion, improve the efficiency of on-time bus arrivals, cut the duration of taxi trips, reduce the direct and indirect operational costs of public transit means and cut carbon emission,” said Al Ali.

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